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It all starts here. Why does your organization exist? It sounds like a simple question, but you have to go deep to get at the answer. This is where 2DW can help. This is not just the 10,000-foot view of your brand, but the 100,000-foot view. What is the meaning behind what your organization does?

With clear brand strategies based on points of differentiation that make your business unique, 2DW helps you take control of your market in ways that make customers sit up and take notice.

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Define the projects "Why?"

Why does your organization exist?

have you thought about that question? Whether you are a start up, or you have been in business for a decade, what is your business’ “why?” What is its purpose? Why does it exist? And "to make a profit" is a result, it's not the answer.

More importantly, why should people do business with you?

The majority of companies define themselves by “what” they do, and rarely by “why” they do it. People buy products or services based on emotional needs or wants, and then justify their purchase logically. When you connect your organization to your customers emotional logic for wanting your offerings, you have built a powerful brand affinity and have them feeling confident about buying your products or services.

Create a Brand Story

Your brand story must connect with your customers.

You'll find that your brand story is as important for your company as it is for your customers. A great brand story should spark ideas for campaigns that are aligned with your purpose and help deliver a consistent narrative throughout advertising campaigns.

Your customers are not only participating in the brand story itself, but they are participating in a monetary way. They engage the story by purchasing from your business that is presenting your brand story. When a customer purchases your product or service, they must feel as if they are buying part of the story.

A good brand story is shareable and others will appreciate and engage to experience it for themselves. 2DW has solutions that we offer to enhance your brand stories social virality.

Define Project Goals and Objectives

Goals are the projects “Destination“

2DW works with our clients to identify what will the project accomplish? What is the desired final outcome? Projects may have more than one goal, and there may be many objectives for each goal.

Objectives are the projects “Road Map“

2DW also ensures that the objectives define a set of supporting actions to ensure the defined goals are accomplished. Objectives are your action plan or high level road map. They are specific steps or tasks that must be completed to reach the goal.

Develop Audience Personas

Audience personas are a foundation marketing tool

2dw can help identify the different groups of people that may buy your products or services for different reasons. We help identify the need to create more than one buyer persona where persona should include basic demographic details, behaviors, goals, pain points, and buying patterns.

Create a Journey Map

Building insights and improving efficiencies

Journey maps are a proven framework for helping drive greater customer insights and improving internal efficiencies.

Consumers interacts with brands in ways that are complex. From gaining awareness of a brand via social media, through to receiving a "thank you for your purchase" email after a successful transaction there are usually many and varied steps in between that need to be mapped and understood. 2DW has the experience to build your consumer journey maps.

Identify Key Channels

Balance between tried-and-true and up-and-coming channels

A key channel performs three important functions: transactional, logistical, and facilitating. At 2Dw we help solve the problems of delivering products and services messaging at the place and time your customer demands.

Develop a Content Strategy

Create meaningful, cohesive, engaging, and sustainable content

2DW helps brands develop content strategies that stand out over time by having content plans in place to guide smarter decision-making.

At 2DW content strategy serves to figuring out what content will help your target consumer and inspire them to take actions that build brand affinity for your business.

Develop a Content Calendar

The best companies have built theirs

2DW uses content schedules to identify when and where you plan to publish upcoming content. Content calendars typically include upcoming pieces, status updates, planned promotional activity, partnerships, and updates to existing content. By using content calendars you grow your online business by staying organized and timely.

Plan Resources

The right person for the right task

People are the resources required to complete the project and ensure it gets done. Projects have needs that need to be met, and the people at 2DW strive to produce the best work for those projects needs.

At 2dw we utlilize project managment tools that outline the project tasks and resources. Collaboration is important to us and we welcome our clients to participate in the project managment.

Measure Results

How is the project shaping up?

At 2DW we track in real-time the success of your project. Our most helpful, and visual, tools for measuring success are our real-time dashboards. Each project or has a dashboard that displays key metrics in real time. That means that as the 2DW team updates tasks, the project dashboard updates right before your eyes. This is great for giving all stakeholders and team members a live look at your project progress.

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